Monday Made It- June 27

Happy Summer, friends! I hope you're relaxing and enjoying quality time with your friends and family.
I've been really busy with grad school and L. Paull Designs for All, but I wanted to share a few things I've been working on today.
A couple freebies and DIY creations
First is my blog! I used a template from the talented Georgia Lou Studios and customized to my liking. I started playing with the fonts and confetti idea back in December, so it was definitely time. 
A new look for Miss Johnston's Journey

Here are some items that have been keeping me busy with L. Paull Designs for All.
Check out these adorable teacher key chains by L. Paull Designs for All.
Teacher Key Chains- $10 Each

Check out these adorable teacher tees by L. Paull Designs for All.
Tons of Teacher Tees! Ranging from $16-$20

Check out these adorable Crayon Box Pocket Tees by L. Paull Designs for All.
Crayon Box Pocket Tees- $25
Check out these adorable Crayon Box Pocket Tees by L. Paull Designs for All.

I love mine! #hellocasualFriday

I have a little giveaway going on over on my Instagram...I'm giving away one of my classroom runs on... raglan tees!

My baby niece turns 1 in August, and I have started creating for her party. She lives over 600 miles away from me, so I've only seen her once, and that was November! 
Looking forward to a family vacation with her in July to Lake of the Ozarks.
Check out this birthday chalkboard print  by L. Paull Designs for All.

I actually blogged about this last week, but thought I'd share again. I blogged about my class pet, Sonic the Hedgehog and made this freebie set.
Mini Seller Kit Freebie inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog

If you have been keeping up with me, you know that I'm moving to first grade in the fall. I went in to school to check if cleaning was done, and it was! So, I can start moving my 3rd grade classroom down to my new 1st grade classroom. I noticed that the alphabet was not cute in the 1st classroom (I currently have a print and cursive in my 3rd grade room), so I knew I needed to make a new one. I'm finished with the alphabet, yet. Trying to decide shape and clipart or no clipart. Thoughts on that?

I will be recreating decor in this brights, burlap, and chalkboard design. So here's another freebie for you!
Check out this Brights and Burlap number label freebie by Miss Johnston's Journey

Hoping to share more classroom related things here shortly! I'll be spending a lot of time purging, cleaning, and moving this week. Hopefully have things to share after the 4th! :)

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  1. Thanks for the post! And thanks for sharing the numbers. I am using chalkboard and burlap theme and saw your Instagram yesterday so was excited for the freebie! I enjoyed your blog post! Pam -  Visit my blog at PJ Jots!

    1. You'r so welcome! Glad it matches your theme! :)

  2. Love all of the designs from LPaull Designs. I am thinking of some gift ideas for my team! I am still not on Instagram but I probably should be! (Said my teenage sons!) I love your contest :-)

    1. I love Instagram! It is by far my favorite way to connect with other teachers... it is so easy! Can't wait to follow you! :)

  3. Your blog looks great! I'm moving to a new look this week :)


  4. I love all of the designs you have made for your shirts and keychains...super CUTE! Your new blog looks great too. It's making me want to make a switch!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Thanks Alison! As a {former} blog designer, I can't tell you how simple the GLS templates are to use. You don't need any HTML knowledge! Super affordable pricing!!

  5. I am so jealous of people who can figure out blog designing with all that coding... your updated look is amazing! And your little niece is so lucky to have such a creative aunt! I can image all the awesome things you will continue to make for her as she grows up, even if from afar. Those ladybug invites are adorable!

  6. You've been busy! I love the blog design, and all of your shirts are adorable, too :)

  7. Wow! You accomplished a lot this week. Your blog looks fantastic! I'm sure your niece will have a great party. The invitation you made is absolutely adorable!

    Thank you for sharing everything. Have a great week!

    Elementary Engagement

  8. Wowza! You have been busy!!! So much creativity happening here! Love all your design creations! Those tshirts!!! Love anything that has burlap! So cute!!! Can't wait to check out the hedgehog freebie! How is he doing? I need to read more about him on your blog....I have one too...although, I think maybe we talked about it on IG or maybe not and my brain is a My hedgehog is Pip. I love him! He is super sweet!! Thank you for linking up all your fab and fun stuff!!! Hope I see ya back :)

  9. I have been eyeing your t-shirt designs on IG - love them! Your blog design looks wonderful too! I know how frustrating it is to mess with blog designs - UGH!
    Kay @ Sommer’s Lion Pride


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