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We're winding down the school year, and you're probably one of the following teachers...

I would be Mr. Wonka!

I'm just tryin' to get to summer break, ya know?

BUT! There is one thing I'm excited about for next year.
Adding some fun new things from my friends at Creative Teaching Press!
I'm so excited to be joining them and some of my favorite bloggers to bring you exclusive sneak peaks on new items!

I loved decorating my chalkboard bulletin board throughout the year with the help of CTP products!

Halloween inferencing went here!

Stay tuned for our final one of the year! :)

Are you a STEM teacher? Do you love incorporating STEM into your classroom?! 
Do I have the pack for you!

STEM Inspire U for Grades 3+

Want to win this set?!? Enter the giveaway at the end of this post!

HANG ON FOLKS! I'm not done!
CTP is coming out with 2 new science and math mini bulletin boards!

Now enter the giveaway!
US and Canadian friends only....sorry other friends!

Want more chances to win CTP items? Check out CTP's post here, and hop through all of my fellow CTP Exclusiver Bloggers' posts!


  1. Your blog is such an inspiration! This is my first year teaching 2nd grade and I am already planning for next year. Making copies, organizing by topics, even color coding! :)

  2. I'm just trying to make it to summer.

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