The Truth About My Class Size

Are you ready for some "real talk", as my friend Meg says?

I was reading this post from Jillian @ The Starr Spangled Planner, and number 4 {Class Size} on her list got me thinking about some comments I've received this school year about my class size, especially on social media.

Let me break down the changes to my roster this year, thus far.
{+ gaining student, -losing studeint}

22 eager 3rd graders

9.3.15 -male student
9.10.15 +female student

10.5.15 +male student
10.6.15 -female student

11.6.15 -male student from October
11.23.15 -female student

12.5.15 -male student
12.18.15 -female student from September
12.18.15 -male student


2.1.16 +male student
2.5.16 -male student
2.22.16 +female student

Projected 3.18.16 -male student

If you have been counting...that is 13 changes to my roster this year.

I will have 17 3rd graders after spring break.

I don't write this post out of pity or sympathy.

I write this post to let you know that when you're thinking 
"wow, I could do so much with her class size"

I'm thinking, 
"I've lost 8 of my students"
"My students have lost 8 of their best friends"

Every day I go to school not knowing if all of my students are still my students.
Some of my students I never got the chance to say goodbye to.
Others we were told minutes before they packed up their things.

So, the next time you see my classroom of 17 desks.

The next time you see my group of 17 students.

Please don't think 

"She's got it easy...17 kids?!"

I've had to say hello, only to say goodbye a little while later.

It's anything but easy.


  1. What an amazing point you make! I also teach in a very transitional area, so I cannot believe I didn't include that as one of the factors in my post! I have only lost two students (soon to be three), and gained four, so I cannot imagine seventeen changes! These transitions can be incredibly disruptive, both emotionally and academically. It is just one more thing that people cannot see from one photo on social media, and again why we should never make assumptions about what goes on behind the curtain of someone else's classroom, or try to compare them to our own. Thank you for your post! <3

  2. I have 17 students but have also lost some/gained some along the way. It's hard to lose a student because you do get attached to that person. Also, you know the issues only your students face so no one should judge the "easiness" of your job by class size - ever! Thanks for making a valid point.

  3. Great post, My dear friend! I haven't had as many changes as you have had, but some years it is the same for me. This year I only have 15. Of that 15 I can say that I have kids that don't know where their next meal is coming from, parents in and out of prison, taking care of themselves and younger siblings because nobody is home, etc. etc. etc. It's super hard. Even with only +/- 15 students this year and the last 8 years that I've been teaching (One year I lost so many I was down to 11 one month..) It makes is quite hard not to know what will happen day to day. Thanks for posting and sharing!!
    Ana :)

  4. Oh my goodness...that is a lot of class roster changes! I agree with is easy to say, "wow...she only has 17," but I know how much work adding and losing a student can be. BUT....the students who have, had and will have you are some lucky kiddos!

    Best of luck the rest of your year!

    Mind Sparks


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