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Is it really September?!

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Jason and I decided to watch Drive Me Crazy on Netflix. Go ahead, Britney... do it...ya know you want to...

You're welcome.


 Did ya notice who is the sponsor this month?


 Previously we have had 1 or 2 early outs every month on Wednesdays for in-service. Changed things up this year! Instead, students don't have school one Friday a month, and the teachers have PD 8-11. The rest of the day is ours, as long as we get in 4 hours of collaboration (outside of contract) in during the month...if not, we have to stay for the afternoon. I plan on staying a little bit...because I have some BIG plans for our hallway. Stay tuned for a blog post coming to ya soon!


 Nothing says tired like beginning of the school year...whew! But I have like 5 designs to install before I can make to bed.


 I have an assignment due tomorrow night...need to get on it.


1:This really helps in the morning...need to do it all the time.
2. I'm terrible at managing my time as far as using my planning time wisely...I usually go in on Sundays to work for a couple hours. I know..I're all shaking your head at me. This year will be different...I hope.
3. I hope to release a new (timely) seller kit each month. I'm working on September. I hope by the weekend. They will include digital papers, frames, accents, and some clipart. 
If you have something you'd love to see, let me know in the comments! :)

I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


  1. Girl, you do so much between teaching, doing blog designing, and are you in a class too? I need to get more committed to TpT! Also, I LOVE britney, too!
    Happy back to school!
    BigTime Literacy

  2. Looking forward to your seller kits! Congrats on being the sponsor!

  3. The seller kits sound like a great idea! I'm super jealous of your PD/Plan time. I wish everyone understood how much we need that extra time.

  4. What an amazing idea to give kids one Friday off every month!! That would be so much better than random early release days!! I don't mind early release days on Fridays though, but I hate them on random days!! LOVING seeing you on Farley's page!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  5. I can't wait to see your big hallway plans!

    -Jessica aka

    The Whimsical Teacher
    ps. I love all your periscopes and seeing you on blab!

    The Whimsical Teacher

  6. Oh gosh girl, you're making me tired just seeing what you've got going on! Friday's non contact sounds awesome!!!

    Learning to be awesome

  7. Sounds like you have some great ideas in the words. I love the idea of a planning day. We used to have 4 half days throughout the year and they were so helpful to sit down and really dig into the curriculum. Congrats on sponsoring this month, that's exciting! :)

  8. Wow, your district gives you time to collaborate? I'm jealous! Congrats on being Currently sponsor!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  9. I have found packing my lunch in the bag and putting in the fridge and grabbing out in am makes my morning go more smoothly. Jealous of the collaboration time. Congrats on being the Currently Sponsor!!!

    The Brand New Pencil


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