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We're back in the swing of things! I've been back to school for over a week, and my new group of 3rd graders started back on Tuesday!

Today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite decor pieces in my room from Creative Teaching Press.
I only have one actual bulletin board in my room, but I've learned how to make it work, and still use cute borders!

 This is one of my favorite spots in my classroom this year. 
This is how it was set up for Open House and...
 we just did this yesterday!
This board will be changing throughout the year, so make sure you're following me for all of those updates! Big things happening for the holidays!
This is an area that not only do I love...but my admin does, too. He can quickly see at a glance what's going on. Of course...it needs to be filled in..hah!
This year I will be doing jobs in my classroom differently. In the past I have changed them weekly, this year, I'm only doing them quarterly, and the class will have to apply for the jobs, as well as be interviewed. #realworld
I love how bright and colorful my birthday display is. I kept it exactly where it was from last year. I just had to wipe off last year's names and dates, put on the new and voila! Magnet tape is my BFF!

I hope to do a full classroom reveal once we get back into our groove!
Head on over to my friend Jane's blog to see how she is using CTP products in her classroom!

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  1. Love the Moroccan Nights border!! I also LOVE the way your chalkboard turned out! What an easy way to make the classroom more like home! :)
    Very Perry Classroom

  2. I really love your 'When I grow Up' board and 'Class of 2025' board. I didn't even think about the fact that my students would graduate in that year when they complete high school!

    Awesome blog!

    Mahogany Amy


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