Currently: July!

Hard to believe June has come and gone and we're now in July! Linking up with Farley @ Oh boy 4th grade for Currently! :)

Listening: This was released yesterday and I looooove it. I dig Owl City and I don't have an I <3 Hanson window decal on the back of my car for nothing people.

Too legit to quit. You're welcome.

Loving: I created these tonight for a blog design client and I can't wait to create with them! They're just $1 in my TpT store!

Thinking: Lots of ideas on my list...just need to decide which is up first! I think I will begin my new math product series. If you're a 3rd grade teacher, make sure you're won't wanna miss them!

Wanting: With end of the year and wedding office is a disaster zone! I started to clean up today and the hubby helped me put up a shelf. I have so many ideas for my office. First I need to make it functional so I actually work in it, and not on the couch in front of the TV. HA!

Needing: After stalking for several weeks, I think I've finally snagged everything I had my eyes on from Target dollar spot. But since it's only July...I bet there's more to come. I'm sorry bank account...

All-Star: This was tough. I find it really hard to reflect on what I'm good am I the only one that feels really weird when creating a resume and cover letter? 
But...if I must choose {and Farley says so} I guess I'll go with creativity. From designs, lessons, party planning...I get a lot of compliments on how things are "so creative". Sometimes my creativity comes from Pinterest I can't take all the credit for everything...but I suppose I do have an eye for certain things :)

I can't wait to see what everyone is up to! Although I'll probably regret reading the posts because they'll be Vegas filled... #negativenancy #canIstayoffsocialmedianextweek :(


  1. Hello, I found your blog through the linky. I'm still trying to create a home office myself. The dollar section from Target is heaven on Earth as far as I'm concerned!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  2. That music video was SO made for you!! Also, I LOVE the pom flowers! I am glad I snagged them when I did! Don't stay off social media next week, I had such #FOMO last year, but hopefully you can go next year, and we can all meet up then! And your All Star? Spot on. Why else would people use you to create our WONDERFUL blog designs?! :)
    Very Perry Classroom

  3. Haha you crack me up girl. Hansen came to New Zealand recently and I totally thought of you. I'm with you on wanting to avoid next week. I actually priced out flights etc for next week at about 2am last Thursday night because I was getting a serious case of FOMO. Next year! Can't wait either. Only 12 months to go right?!

    Learning to be awesome

  4. At least you have an office. My office is currently (no pun intended) 1/2 of my couch. LOL! I love your blog design and I see you designed it! Spot on All-Star answer!
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
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  5. Home office - I hear you! I can now walk in mine! Creativity is a huge star for you! I always love seeing what you have done! My nearest Target is 40 minutes away - a blessing and a curse! I am sure you understand! I hope this July is amazing for you!

    Becky from

  6. I can't wait to see your home office!! I'm sure it will be beautiful!! Those poms are super cute too!! Can't wait to see the design you do with them!! Loving the dollar spot at Target too! It for sure has gotten me into some trouble lately too!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  7. The Dollar Spot has been getting me in some serious trouble lately too, I told my husband they need to rename it the $20 spot because I can't seem to not spend at least that much! I totally understand and support your fan girl devotion, for me it's NKOTB! My family thinks I'm nuts! Oh and totally agree with you on the creativity thing, that is for sure something you are all star at, as evidenced by my blog!
    The Blessed Teacher

  8. Those pom flower accents are soooo cute!! And oh my goodness the Target Dollar Spot! It gets me every time! My sister told me she was going to Target and I said, "Look for those cute clothespins that look like paper, pencils, and rulers!!" haha! She found me one pack of them!! Have a great rest of the week!
    ~Heather :)
    Recipe for Teaching

  9. I love to shop for teacher goodies. I'd love to win shopping spree.

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