Honeymoon Stitch Fix

We're down to single digits people. N-I-N-E days until I become a Mrs. If you'd like to read about my planning you can check out this post. Stay tuned later this summer for Part II, Miss Johnston Gets Married, and Part III Paull's Parade Disney! :)

I love Stitch Fix. I got my first fix last April. I got boxes each month, until Jason proposed. Then I began to get them sparingly, as I needed to save for the wedding.

I did indeed get an April fix and my latest fix just arrived yesterday. I'm calling it my honeymoon fix, because I wanted pieces for our honeymoon to Disney in just 10 days! Feel free to pin any images for your stylist, or just outfit inspiration. Haven't joined Stitch Fix? What are ya waiting for..sign up today!
 I had PD yesterday, and ran home after lunch to put my leftovers in the fridge. This gem was awaiting me on my porch.
I only had time to open it. I knew immediately that I was probably keeping it all.

I knew when I saw this tank, I was going to keep it. I loved the bright colors and sheer material...perfect for summer!
I first paired it with a pair of Banana Republic khaki shorts.
I wasn't crazy about the combo
So I swapped them for some white skinnies.
Now we're talking. Keep!
Okay, I was thinking this was a definitely no when I pulled it out. I loved the color and chevron pattern, but the style...wasn't feelin' it, but I tried it anyways.
I paired it with a pair of navy skinnies that I cuffed and my white and silver Sperry's.
Good thing I tried it on, because I ended up loving it! Keep!
I love love love lace details. It makes me feel so feminine, and is just gorgeous. I knew this hi-low tank would be a keeper.
I paired it with the same white skinnies.
I mean, that back though!
Super cute! I thought I would try jazzin' it up a bit.
So I put on this mint skirt I got at WALMART, I kid you not. I rarely go to Wal-Mart, but when I do, I peruse the clothing because ya just never know people. I thought this was a cute combo!
I loved dress' style. And I love jersey. So soft! I couldn't wait to dress this up.
I put on a strand of pearls and my TOMS black peeped to wedges. A great dress for dinner in Disney!
The ruching is so flattering!
I wanted to see what it would look like dresssed down a bit. Paired it with a denim jacket and nude flats. A great casual dress, too!
I should have focused on my ring more :)
Okay, I think $78 is a bit much for this dress, but I loved the color, pattern, and material far too much to not put it on.
And of course I love love love it! A maxi that's actually a maxi on me, and not a midi! #longlegprobs
I mean...c'mon. How could I not keep it?
So I'm splurging on myself and keeping the whole shebang! :)
Oh...I thought you may wanna see one outfit that I'm wearing to Disney that's not from my fix.
The shorts are from Lauren Conrad's Disney inspired collection at Kohl's! I can even wear them to school! I knew I wanted mr and mrs. shirts for Disney, so when I stumbled upon the set for $26, I knew I had to have it. I was totally diggin' the crop top, because I'm 25, and going on my honeymoon...when's the next time I'm going to be showing my belly button when I'm no swimming?  Uhm, never.

In case you didn't notice in the pictures...Mr. Maxwell was pouting.
He's adorable.


  1. I LOVE everything in your fix!!! I just got a fix the other day. I only kept one thing that because I'm looking for some super cute dress and I wasn't in love with mine. Then I promptly ordered another fix. I thought everything in yours was perfect though! Beautiful colors and very flattering on you. You will definitely be well dressed on your honeymoon! Have fun and congrats on becoming a Mrs.

  2. Super cute stuff! My husband just finished up school and is working on getting a job. Once he does I am so doing a stitch fix! Have fun on the honeymoon!!!

  3. I love your fix! I need to sign up for this. I have been seeing everyone's for a year now and still haven't so I do believe that you have helped finally talked/typed me into it. Have fun on your honeymoon and best of luck with your wedding. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful pictures!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  4. Lovin' your fix!! Girl, you KNOW I love that Disney outfit! I seriously have been counting pennies and dimes to try to get as many of the Minnie stuff at Kohl's as possible! I am now officially sold on the shorts! And, I TOTALLY agree with you on the crop top. #treatyoself!
    Erin (Very Perry Classroom)

  5. Ahhhh It's all perfect!!! Great choices. I know the struggle girl #tallgirlproblems are a real thing. People just don't get it.
    I turn my maxi dresses into skirts by flipping the top part in. So long as it's rouched around the waist it works! Try it!
    Learning to be awesome

  6. I love this!! Your box was perfect! You are inspiring me to try again! Maybe for my birthday again this year!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

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