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Happy June friends!!!

Today was our last day with students! We have PD day tomorrow, then it's officially summer! It's always bittersweet to send your students out of your classroom and onto the next grade, but this year it was just a tad bit more sad. This is the last class I'll have as 3J. The last year I'll be teaching as Miss Johnston! I'm getting married in just 11 days {WHAT?!} The kiddos are really excited...but also concerned about remembering my new name! :)

But! Let's focus on the post...It's currently time! :) I just love linking up with my girl Farley and seeing what everyone is up to. My kiddos love Currently for the Classroom, too! This year I saved them all and put a little book together for them so they can reflect over this year. They loved them!
Okay, but currently post.
Listening: Love me some Ellen DeGeneres!
Loving: Ya!!
Thinking: I need to create a to do list for the summer. I need to start by creating a desktop organizer image.
Wanting:We're going to Disney for our honeymoon and Jason and I are impatiently waiting for our Magic Bands...c'mon Disney!
Needing: Now that school is done, I can finish up those last items on my wedding to do list! :D
Summer Lovin': Self explanatory! :)
Also, if you can...please donate to WAG! My little Maxwell is a rescue and I don't know what my life would be like without him!

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    I am way jealous you are done!!! I have til Friday!!! YUCK… and there is a bunch of stuff to cram into those few days… ha ha ha

  2. Rescues are the best. That's all I ever have as pets. They all have their "things" but they are so great. Have a great wedding! You'll have so much fun at's the best! We are Disney fanatics ourselves.

  3. What adorable pictures! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see wedding and honeymoon pics! Happy vacation. :)

  4. OK so I can't believe it's only 11 days until your wedding!! Girl that came round quickly! Before we know it it will be summer 2016 and I'll be coming over (hopefully) to visit you and Jameson! Ahhh Have sooooooo much fun at your wedding and honeymoon. I can't wait to see the photos and live vicariously through you!

    Learning to be awesome

  5. Best wishes for a beautiful wedding! Enjoy Disney! I'm curious, though. What are Magic Bands? Carol's Teaching Garden

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