What the Teacher Wore, March Week 1 & 2

Oops! With all the giveaways during my birthday week, I didn't get a chance to post my outfit details. So here's Week one and week two of March for you.

You can follow this board for PinnedItSpinnedIt images! This week is all about green. I may or may not have went shopping to prepare for the week!

Week 1

 Friday- I kinda changed into pjs early, and forgot to take pictures, so I just took a picture of the clothes I wore, hah!
Vest-Stitch Fix
Cardigan- Stitch Fix
Skinnies- Kohl's

 Thursday- It was my birthday, and I love having pajama day on my birthday. I rocked the cookie monster onesie!

Dress- Stitch Fix
Tights- Target
Scarf- Local Boutique
Boots- Target

 Tuesday- Ice day...I was in my pajamas all day!

Shirt- Jason's closet (haha, but it is from Express)
Cardigan- Target
Skirt- Target....pssst, it's actually a maxi I rolled up about 4 times!
Boots- Kohl's
Week 2

Blouse- Kohl's
Burmudas- Not sure
Sandals- Not sure again...ooops

Shirt- Kohl's
Cardigan- Target
Scarf- Local Boutique
carpris- Kohl's

Tank- Target
Cardigan- Alloy
Capris- not sure
sandals- payless

Maxi Dress- I think DEB?
Denim jacket- Kohl's
Scarf- No Idea
Sandals- payless

Skirt- Jameson's closet
Shirt- Scheel's
Cardigan- Target
Scarf- Charming Charlies
Belt-Stitch Fix
Shoes- Target

I will post week 3 next Sunday!


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