Miss Johnston's 25th Birthday Bonanza: Day 1


Don't hate me because I'm only 25...I really hate when people are like "ugh, you're so young!" Yes, I am...but you were, too, don't be sassy with me simply because I was born in 1990! :D

Anyways, I want to celebrate all week long! I have lots of fun freebies to give out each day, so make sure you stop by every day through Sunday to see what it is! I'm talking clipart, frames, papers, and classroom resources!

Oh, and did I mention I have a mega sweet giveaway happening through Sunday thanks to the help of some of my dear friends!
The giveaways end Sunday March 8th, and I will choose winners sometime next week.

You probably want your first freebie, huh?!
I give you glitter! I love glitter.
Here are 5 fun glitter filled frames in pastel colors. Perfect for spring and Easter themed products! :)

All of the freebies from this week will be free through Sunday, March 8th. They will then either be changed to a paid product, bundled with new products, or simply unavailable.

Check back tomorrow for your new freebie!


  1. Happy Birthday! I am a 90s baby too! June 27! Can't wait to see all the fun this time week!😄

  2. Happy Birthday! Wishing you an amazing birthday week! Thanks for the lovely giveaways and freebies, too!

  3. Happy Birthday! Don't apologize for being young, Enjoy every moment. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for the freebies and the awesome Giveaway.

  4. I don't have a blog, so would hate to win the L Paull Designs as I am sure others could use it. Thanks

  5. LOVE, love the blog! Thanks for sharing so many happy freebies and giveaways during YOUR birthday week! :) Cheers to 25!

    Ms. Gartman goes to First Grade!

  6. Happy Birthday! I tried to enter the upper elementary math giveaway, but every time I'd click to enter my name it'd go to TPT before I could type anything. :-/ But thanks for the other opportunities!


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