I'm out of the tournament!

Not only is my #marchbloggermatchup bracket dunzo....so are my brackets at school and against Jason!

Every year, Jason and I go head to head during March Madness and the loser buys the winner dinner at our fanciest restaurant in town. This year we decided to change it up, and the loser buys the winner a spa day! I've won the past 2 years...and it's not looking good for me! :(

Anyways! Since my team I was matched up in the Blogger Match Up, Maryland, lost, I'm sending Laura at A Grace Filled Classroom my Color by Product bundle!

I'm also giving it away to one of you lucky followers, plus a $10 TpT gift certificate! I'm running the giveaway through Sunday night...GOOD LUCK!


  1. I'm so disappointed you got knocked out! I was so looking forward to facing off with you in the next round! Ah well haha.

    Learning to be awesome

  2. It's not looking good for me, either, in terms of the brackets my husband and I filled out against each other. It looks like he is going to get to pick the next movie we see. :) Next year we'll do better, right? :)

  3. Hi ! I wish you much success with your giveaway.
    I'm currently hosting my own giveaway and was hoping you would be so kind to donate a product. It's a fundraiser for Autism that will take place from April 1 -30. Please hop on over to my blog for more info.
    Teacher’s Lounge


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