Currently March

Hard to believe it's March!

Not much on TV right now

My birthday is Thursday and I'm celebrating here on my blog all week long! There's a HUGE giveaway happening, and I'm sharing freebies each day! So make sure to stop by tomorrow for the fun!

I could go for a couple scoops...

I woke up this morning with a huge kink in my back and it's so annoying!

I have meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday and I have yet to write plans... oops!

I've decided to binge watch Grey's while doing my wedding centerpieces. Big plans, people, big plans!

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  1. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How fun! I hope it's a blessed one! :)

  2. I am with you... A couple of scoops of ice cream really does sound like a great idea right now! I enjoyed reading your currently. Have a great week!


  3. So glad I found your blog - I love it! I am needing to catch up on some Grey's as well and could also use a nice massage. Side note - I creeped on your "about" page and wanted to say one of my best friends went to UNI as well :)

    Paiges of Learning

  4. Visiting from over at the Currently linky. Happy Birthday, either early or belated! If you are craving ice cream Baskin Robbins has this flavor for February called Love Potion 31. It is a white chocolate raspberry truffle. It is amazeballs! They probably still have some even though it is March. I think I visited 4 times in February!

  5. A massage would be great!! Your blog is adorable and I love the pic with your pup!


    Mrs. Stanford's Class

  6. Mmmm... Ice cream.... That sounds SO good right now!!! I bet you will get so much accomplished while binge-watching Grey's Anatomy on spring break. Is it here yet?!

    Adventures of a Schoolmarm


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