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I'm linking up with Jenny from Luckeyfrog (Do you have her Super Text Detectives?! Seriously, go put them in your cart'll think me later.)

Anyways... I want to just a moment to highlight one of my teacher heroes.
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My parents got divorced when I was 7, and I moved to my 3rd elementary school in January of 2nd grade. I had yet to have a teacher that really pushed and challenged me, until I met Mrs. VanHagen. I didn't get to have Mrs. VanHagen for just one year...but for 3 years! She was my elementary ELP teacher. I remember every unit we did. I once begged my mom to buy be HyperStudio for our PC because of how much fun I had with it in ELP. I remember the time I built a bridge out of Bulsa fact...I bet my mom still has the video of testing it's ability to hold weight. I can play back in my head the time I recorded a reenactment of the Plessy V. Ferguson case in my childhood bedroom with my friend for Mrs. VanHagen's class. I went to her house for Halloween, and I know my mom has pictures of that. In fact, Mrs. VanHagen was just telling me the other day, she has pictures of me at Halloween and at Christmas when my Girl Scout Troop went around singing carols. She would tell us these riddles that really made us think. I've never forgotten her over the teacher compared to her. When I decided to go into education, I visited with her and even though it had been nearly 10 years since I had her as a teacher...she remembered me instantly. I talked to her about my plans to go into education and she talked to me about minors and gave me advice.

The most incredible thing? I get the privilege of teaching with her today. You see, I teach at my childhood elementary school. My principal? My principal in 2nd-5th grade. My 4th grade teacher, another teacher who inspired me, now teaches 2nd. And my teacher hero, Mrs. VanHagen teaches ELP.

Last week, I had a parent teacher conference that I was not looking forward to. I had recommended the student for ELP at the beginning of the semester, so naturally I asked Mrs. VanHagen to join me in the conference. She knew the challenges I was facing and I was a little more at ease knowing she'd be there with me. The conference went perfectly. The compliments she gave me warmed my heart. It's great to hear that you're doing a good job...but to have one of the teachers that inspired you to teach tell not just you, but the parents of your students how well you teach and explain the challenges of differentiation in the Words cannot explain. I went to her the next day and thanked her for her kind words and she said, "Lindsey, I was simply telling the truth. I would never lie, but I really want you to know how wonderful you're doing and that I'm so proud of you." Yep, waterworks. I just couldn't hold it back. I told her, again, that for her to tell me that just meant the world to me, as she has been a great inspiration to me. Then she started to cry! She told me that one day, I will have a student come back and tell me that because of me, they were going into education, or that I influenced them in some way.

So who's your teacher hero?

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  1. Lindsey, I love this post! It must be SO cool to teach at the same school where you went as a child- but I think it's also a huge compliment that you are a strong enough teacher that they don't see you as a "kid" anymore. I hope you share this post with your teacher hero-- she deserves to hear how much she means to you!

    Thanks for linking up!


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