2 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Paper

Today I wanted to share a tip with you that helps me cut down on paper and ink. I'm fortunate to be in a district that doesn't limit our copies, but we have been talked to the last 2 years about being more conscientious of what we're printing. So, I'm doing my part in trying to cut down where I can.
These may not be new for some of you...but I hope it will help some!

When I can, I try to print multiple pages on a sheet, so I'm using half the amount of paper. Most of the things that I print are PDFs, and if they're not, I can save them as one.

So when I go to print, I change the page scaling to multiple pages per sheet.

I usually do 2 pages per sheet, but in some cases I can do 4...all depends on what it is I am printing.

If I'm printing a set of something for my class, I then go to the page range and type the page I want to print twice, so I get 2 copies of it per page.
This is how my Winter Wonderland Color by Product pages look when printed 2 per page. It's still big enough to color and read the text, but only uses 12 pages, rather than 24! 

And, if I don't need the students to actually hand in the assignment...

Want to know how I got my spelling words in cursive? Read that post here!

Do you have any tips to help with printing? Do you have a limit on your printing?


  1. I often print things 2 to a page to make sure they fit in our interactive notebooks. I love when I only have to make 11 copies instead of 22!

    Swinging for Success


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