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Yeah...2 posts in one day...more like in one hour. Sue me! I really thought I'd have 2 posts tomorrow...Currently and my classroom reveal, SURPRISE, Currently is up now! Woop!

Linking up with the Currently queen herself, Farley!

I LOVE me some Food Network. I've already watched this week's episode earlier I should change the channel...

I was in my room ALL day today just organizing and cleaning. I'm slowly getting rid of the junk that was left in my room for me...if I didn't use it last year, I'm finding it a new home! 

I will go in tomorrow to make my copies...but I need to finish my math lessons. 

Okay, so we're sending in our venue contract Tuesday, and I'm SOOOOOOOOO ready to go dress shopping. Like way ready. EEEK! :) 

My house is a mess! Ugh! And it's mostly my fault...I just take over the whole house with my school, crafty, wedding stuff... thank goodness the fiance doesn't gripe TOO much!

Hawaii!!! This is possibly where we're going on our honeymoon!!! OH I'D BE SO HAPPY!
California! I've been to the Gulf and Atlantic, but not the Pacific! Need to get there sometime.
Australia! Uhm, yes. First of all, I don't call Keith Urban the hottie from down under for nothing! Second of all, it just looks beautiful! I'd visit my bloggy friends there, too! Like Erin from Learning to be Awesome! :)



  1. Hey Lindsey!!! I am with ya on the maid, I love making the mess but hate cleaning it up!!!! Hawaii is beautiful...I would highly recommend it!!!

  2. i found you through Currently. I'd love to go to Australia as well. It looks a beautiful country, and Hawaii is a great choice as well. Especially for a honeymoon.

  3. Let me know if your CA visit includes San Diego! I'd be happy to show you around! :)


  4. Ummm so I'm totes about to sue you!! haha jk. I post multiple things on one day sometimes too.

    PS - skip Australia and just come to New Zealand, it's nicer.

    Learning to be awesome

  5. I could totally use a maid too!! I am with you for that trip to Australia, especially if we could kind Keith Urban!! :) We went to Hawaii for our five year anniversary, it was AMAZING!! We loved it!! We went to Kauai! What part of California do you think you want to go to!?! It is such an amazing state, and there is SO MUCH to do!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  6. I can't watch the Food Network. It makes me hungry. Haha. I've been to Hawaii, you'll love it!

  7. A maid would be amazing! I love to work on projects all over the house and absolutely hate to clean them up. Australia is on my travel list as well. It looks so beautiful and I think the people there are just amazing. I am obsessed with the food network! It is on all the time in our house. Especially Chopped!

  8. Lindsey - First of all your blog is soo cute! I just moved from first to third and am loving it! Have fun dress shopping!
    Teaching and Much Moore


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