Back to School Wardrobe LINKY!

Today is my 1st day back to school! We have PD today-Friday, Thursday night is open house, and kiddos return Monday! I'm excited about this year, because it is my 2nd year in 3rd grade, and I have so many ideas and have a better idea of what I want to do with my class. I will miss sleeping in though! I went to the store tonight and bought a BIG thing of coffee AND peppermint mocha creamer. AHHH! I've never seen it out of season, so I am PUMPED! Christmas in a cup! :)

So, I don't know about you, but I love shopping for back to school. I like to think I'm a pretty fashionable teacher. It's hard being 24 and trying to merge your wardrobe to professional without looking...well, old lady like...and it's hard to say goodbye to your college wardrobe. Who understand this dilemma?!

Well, today I'd like to showcase some of my new teacher outfits. Also, I'd love your opinion about what I should wear for open house and the 1st day of school! Just ignore my awful hair! Feel free to pin images (just hover, and you'll see my Pinterest button!)...especially if you Stitch Fix! :) 
I'll be honest...I love skirts and dresses. They make me feel pretty...and I honestly think they're comfier than pants. This dress is courtesy of my friend Jameson at Lessons with Coffee...she's selling a bunch of clothes via Instagram @lwcscloset
 Denim vest is from Kohl's.
Gray dress also from Jameson. I love how clean it looks. 
Would be great without cardi for non school occasions with a chunky necklace.
Skirt also courtesy of Jameson! The blouse is from JCPenney.
I love love love this dress from Kohl's. It's Lauren Conrad. It was on sale, and this was the only one they had. Of course it is too big ( I have it pinned in back) so I will have to have it taken in, but it's just too cute!
 Can also be paired with a cardigan!
 This top is also from Kohl's. I looooove the chevron and the colors. The capri dress pants are from Dress Barn.
 Top also from Kohl's. Same pants as above. I love the flowiness of this top.
This is a bit out of focus. Oops! The top is from Stitch Fix! It's great with dark denim. I hardly ever wear jeans to school, but on the rare occasion I do, I usually wear denim trousers.
 The back of this top is beautiful!
This skirt is also from Stitch Fix and may be my favorite! I looooove skirts with pockets! The denim shirt is also from Kohl's. Apparently I like Kohl's! :)

Your turn! Link up with your back to school it's pictures of you wearing them, just the outfits, or even just some inspiration from Pinterest! Remember to pin any of the above images (just hover, and you'll see my Pinterest button!), especially if you Stitch Fix! I can't wait to see your outfits!


  1. Lindsey, This is SOOOOO FUN, and right up my alley! I love all of your outfits, and the chambray denim shirt with striped skirt is my ABSOLUTE FAVE!! You saved the best for last, in my opinion. QUESTION: Right now I have a B2S wardrobe wishlist, but haven't had time to shop. Could I link up at 2 different times? 1) with my wishlist items (from Pinterest & catalogs) 2) my actual outfits for school? Thanks for this fun opportunity to link up!
    It's Elementary, My Dear!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to email me with your response! It's so weird that it said I'm a no reply commenter b/c I've had people reply on other comments tons of times and it goes directly to my Gmail.....SO STRANGE and THANK YOU for letting me know. I'll check into it. Would you mind trying to reply to THIS post to see if it's fixed now? Maybe I did something wrong on my previous comment.

    2. I replied to the email...but it still says

  2. I LOVE that coral maxi dress! All of these outfits are adorable.


  3. This is a tough call. I have two favorites. I just can't decide! I like the first maxi with denim vest and the last one with the striped skirt and the denim shirt. Such a great wardrobe!

    Revenge of the Thirds

  4. Awe Crud. I finally got around to blogging about clothing and....the linky is down. Awe shucks!


    Lessons With Coffee 


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