Summer SLANT Box Reveal!

Don't know what SLANT Boxes are?! Well, let me tell ya! SLANT stands for Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers. And by teachers I mean ANYONE who is in the education field...student teachers, librarians, coaches, you name're in! Basically you sign up each month {ya know, so if you spent too much money on B2S stuff you can wait til the next month when you have more money} and you get paired with 2 fab educators...1 sends to send to the other. You spend all month getting to the 2 people and by the 25th you should have a themed (announced each month) box to send off to them! EVERYONE LOVES MAIL, RIGHT?!?!
This summer I was paired up with Kristen @ The Book Monsters to send to and the one and only Jameson @ Lessons with Coffee sent to me!
Here are my goodies to Kristen on their way to the post office!
You can check out the unwrapped goodies here,
I was SO excited to get paired with Jameson. I mean, the girl who started SLANT?! You know I have a mega sweet box coming, right? I got to know Jameson even more when she chose me to give her blog a makeover! Woohoo! I stalk her on IG and we're even working on getting a Midwest Meet Up going! :)
Maxwell was depressed the day the box came...

It was raining (irony?!) and we were leaving that night for vacation, and he could sense it!
This is what I saw after I moved the yellow paper around!

SHE IS AWESOOOOOME and spoiled me crazy! Seriously, you all want her as a partner.

Also, the flower has become Max's new toy! If you follow me on IG, you saw this little gem:
She obvs missed kudo points on the name though...ugh, why she didn't check with my boyfriend to see if he was proposing 2 days before I received this box I just don't know! ;)
Oh would you like to see another picture of my ring?! OKAY!
LOVE my SLANT box for this month! I can't wait for August's matches! :)


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