Monday Made It {7/714}

Anyone else notice the date today? 7/7/14....7+7=14!
It's the small things in life, folks!
Today I'm linking up, again (yay!), with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! 
So I don't consider myself a great cook....but not necessarily a bad one, either! If you give me a crockpot recipe...I'm allllll over that! So, for my 1st MMI, I'm going to share a SUPER easy crockpot recipe that I love! Beef stroganoff anyone?
It's seriously like the easiest dinner ever!!
I typed it all up for could just print that baby and stick it in your recipe box! 
Let me tell you a couple things I do differently with this recipe, for just personal taste and convenience!
I use stew meat instead of round steak, because it's already cut up in nice pieces and is really tender.
I also dislike mushrooms, so I use a can of cream of chicken soup instead. Still delicious! 
 On to...
Sarah at Teaching Pawsitively posted a request on Instagram for some custom alphabet posters. I offered to help her out! She has a little song that she does with her kiddos, so she needed very specific pictures! :) Love how simple, but cute they turned out!
You can get your own set here in my store!
While many of you are in Vegas on Friday having lots of fun at the conference, I will be at cheerleading camp with my girls! much better than Vegas! Okay, maybe not exactly, but it still a pretty good time. I'm so lucky that I get to coach with MY coach and still have cheerleading in my life as I cheered for 8 years (7th grade-sophomore year in college)!
Oh you want proof?
This was one of my very first times flying a single based stunt. (freshman year of college) I'm 5'8, so I was always a back spot in high school. The guy who is holding me is a little over 6 I'm a good 7 ft in the air...just with my life in his hands, literally! HA!
Anyways...back to MMI
Doesn't it go nicely with one of our shirts for camp? :) Only 12 more to make...
I'm currently working on a blog design for Carrie at Anchored in 3rd Grade. Created these cute little chevron anchors...might possibly see one, or one similar to it on her new design!
You can get them for free today from my TpT store, just click the picture! Please leave feedback! :)
And finally... YEAH I HAVE 5! WOO!
I made a t-shirt scarf for 4th of July! Well actually 2, a red and blue!
You can make your own by looking at this easy pin!
Whew! Well I hope you found at least 1 thing on today's MMI that inspires you! :)
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  1. I coach cheerleading as well!! Actually I'm semi-retired, trying to get my schedule back in order before I start coaching again. I've coached at all star gyms for the past 7 years. Glad I found your blog!! Don't run across teacher-cheer-coaches often, haha

    First Grade Stampede

  2. All of your MMI's are so awesome this week! I am going to 'steal' that crockpot recipe so thanks for sharing!! Your 4th of July outfit was so cute, and the scarf you made was awesome. I have like a million scarves, but still think that I should make one. Have fun at cheer camp!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  3. That beef stroganoff looks delicious! I love anything you can put in the crockpot! Thanks for the recipe!


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