What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I stumbled upon a new weekly linky for summer! :)

I just found Jessica's blog and it's just so cute! :)
Anyways, if you're not familiar with this linky, it's basically a way to remind yourself and reflect on the good things that are going on in your life! How awesome is that?! So here we go!
 We had cheerleading practice today for camp and I'm just reminded how lucky I am to be coaching and work with such an awesome group! My cheerleading squads were my 2nd family and I feel so fortunate to be apart of these girls' young people's (I have a boy this year!!) high school careers. :) Flashback to camp before my senior year! :) 2nd row 2nd to the right.

 I love my routine I'm getting into. Jason and I have this deal going, where if I wake up when he does, work out, do a house cleaning chore (I divided everything throughout the weekdays), then work on school stuff for 2 weeks straight, he will work out. Now, neither one of us are unhealthy by any means. We're actually ridiculously skinny, but that's only because we have great metabolisms. We just want to get healthier and Jason wants some muscles, haha. So far it is going great and I love the way I feel after my workout. 
 THIS CAME YESTERDAY! :) AHH! Love it! Do you have an EC lesson planner? What's your favorite part?
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