Monday Made-It and Monday Meet Up!

I'm so excited about this week's Monday made-it, because I have a lot! :) AND it's mostly home stuff! Woo!
First up, I made this cute "H" for my May SlantBox partner! May's theme was all about the monograms to introduce your partner! :) She was thinking about having her colors next year be black, pink, and turquoise, so I went that route! :)
Crossed another thing off my summer bucket list! I'm beginning to draw clipart! :) I have 2 freebies for you, too, and one paid because I worked REALLY hard on it! :)
Click to download Freebie!

Click to download freebie!

Click to check out in TpT store!
Do you create clipart? Any tips?
A wreath for my door! I wanted something neutral, so I could change the accessories out based on seasons/holidays! :) The flowers are attached with floral wire! I already have my accessories for 4th of July, although, I may need to put them on right away to support USA in the world cup! My boyfriend is obsessed!
Got wine bottles?! I have a bunch and I've started to delabel them so I can to crafting! I did 2 this week, but one I'm not quite done with so I'll just share this one!

I love the little something it gives to my living room. 
I told you it was mostly home stuff! After seeing this quote on Pinterest, I knew I had to create it for my bathroom/laundry room. Our bathroom is ridiculously huge for the size of our house, and that is where are washer and dryer are. I didn't really like it at first because I felt like not only does my bathroom have to look nice now for when people are over, but I also have to have my laundry looking tidy?! But I'm used to it now, and a lot of people tell me that it so much better than having it in the basement. 

Now I just need some more stuff to put on the wall because it's looking a little naked, haha. 
I'm thinking these?
Seeking Sole Mates #Laundry Wall Plaque Sign Sock by Frameyourstory, $34.95
Check Your Pockets Change Jar/laundry room decor made from reclaimed wood  on Etsy, $45.00
What have you created?! Make sure to go link up with Tara and check out what everyone else has been up to! I will try to create more school stuff this week!

Oh, this will be so much fun this summer! :)

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  1. I create digital paper and I just bought a Wacom board to start drawing my own digital clip art. But it is so hard to use. It is much easier for me to draw on a piece of paper than to use this board. it will definitely take a lot of practice in order for me to get use to it! Are you using a digital draw board?

  2. Love what you did with the wine bottle! I have a few wine bottles that I have been saving up, but have yet to do anything with them!


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