Journey of a Beginning Teacher changes to Thriving in 3rd

Notice anything???

Today I crossed something off of my summer bucket list, and it's only my 1st day of vacation!
I started my official career as a teacher in January of 2013. So I've now completed a year and a half and in December I will be applying for my standard license. So, I was thinking that, even though I still consider myself a "beginning" teacher... that label will eventually fade, so why not make the change on my blog now, while I have some time on my hands.
The colors reflect what I think my new classroom colors will be. Maybe more of a navy than royal blue, though. I still may tweak the design a bit over the next couple of days, so bare with me.
But my new blog design is my 1st and only MMI for the summer!

I love Tara's linky, and I really love to get awesome ideas from all of you talented teachers. So have you made anything?! If not, don't that it's summer, it is a weekly linky! :)
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  1. It looks so cute! And I'm so impressed that you're doing it yourself! Way to go for starting your summer off right by getting something done!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. I'm in love with what I can see so far!! Yay for you!! Awesome stuff girly.

    Enjoy your summer
    Learning to be awesome

  3. Congrats!! You will love teaching third grade!! It is a good grade to teach!!



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