Currently JULY!

July, say what?! A month into summer vacation!

I'm linking up with the fab Farley. She's had a rough start to summer, so please go over to her blog and leaver her some LOVE!
I LOVE JIMMY! I seriously would looooove to see him and Justin Timberlake do stand up together. They're so hilarious! My 2 besties and I have started to say "ewww" all the time! HAHA!

Oh my gosh, so last night I posted this little COMPLETELY EDITABLE baby in my store and set for free for 24 hours.
OVER 1,600 DOWNLOADS AND 140 COMMENTS, PEOPLE!!!! Too awesome!!! It's now a paid product, but let's do a Pin It to Win It! Pin the product cover above, or go here to check it out in my store, pin it, comment with the URL of your pin and email, and I will choose 1 winner sometime Wednesday! :)

My boyfriend and I started a garden this year and we have cucumbers! I need to find some yummy pickle recipes!
Found a new blogger today, Jennifer from Laman's Terms, who was talking about in her first EVER post about how much time she spent working on her blog. I've had some people suggest I start design I thought I'd offer my 1st design to Jennifer! I'm super excited to start! Head over to Jennifer's blog and leave some encouraging words!!

Go link up for Currently!!

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  1. Congrats on your newest TpT product! It looks adorable and I can't fathom 140 comments...oh the supporting love from this community of teachers! Good luck with blog sound like a very talented gal and a jack of many trades! :)

  2. Congrats on your new product! It looks wonderful!

    What I Have Learned

  3. I'm so excited to find you!!! I am going to 3rd next year and trying to find all of the 3rd grade bloggers I can find :)

    Mrs. Thomas's Class

  4. Lindsey, I have a pickle recipe I found last week. Do you follow They have amazing recipes. I haven't made this but it sounded interesting:
    Have a great day!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  5. What weirdos go around saying EW...Oh wait! That's us :-) Sooo if I start blogging are you going to make a design for me? :-)

  6. Lovin' your new product, got it while you had it for free. Now I need to add my stuff to it.

    Wow! Blog design. That is awesome.

  7. Found your blog through Farley's Currently...I also teach 3rd : )
    My fav pickle recipe is my mom's potato salad, which include chopped up bits of pickley goodness.
    Good luck with the blog designing!

  8. Wow those are some big cucumbers. My husband would be jealous. He's always trying to grow something. I can't wait to see your 1st blog design. I'm impressed. I know nothing about html.

  9. My boyfriend and I started a garden this year and we have cucumbers! I need to find some yummy pickle recipes! 100 cotton sheets on sale , cute cheap comforter sets ,


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