Homework Motivation...Join the Club!

If you teach upper elementary or higher, you have struggled with getting students to turn in their homework assignments in on time, or even at all!
My students have spelling homework every week, 30 minutes of independent reading at home, and usually 1-2 math assignments.
In math, they usually have 15 minutes after the lesson to work on the assignment. Then, most days they have an additional 20 minutes or so to work on it during their free work time. If they don't finish it, then it is homework and due the next day.
I have yet to have every person turn in spelling homework. I don't think I've had any week where it has been more than 60% turning it in. 
During mid term, I send home progress reports and it is SO frustrating seeing all of the students' missing assignments! 
I decided SOMETHING needed to be done! But I wasn't exactly sure what. So I turned to Pinterest and blogs to look for ideas. I saw Homework Monopoly and Homework Club ideas. After a lot of searching, I decided to make my own punch cards. I decided students need to turn ALL assignments in on time, each week for 10 weeks.
I quickly learned that 10 weeks was simply too much to ask for. Last week marked week 4, and I only have one student who has gotten 4 punches. UGH!
So, I needed to revamp. Since 4 weeks is about a month, I decided that was our new goal. I also decided that I need to be more understanding of when kids have an OOPS! moment and forget to do it, or forget it at home. So I introduced OOPS! coupons, too. 
This Friday we're having our first reward for being a member of the homework club. Obviously, I have the one student who truly earned it, then 6 students who had an OOPS week, so I gave them oops for the weeks they missed. We will be enjoying pizza for lunch!
I gave my class new punch cards today, and oops coupons. Since I want to use this ALL of next year, I decided to create holiday/seasonal punch cards and then I needed OOPS! coupons, too. So I bundled all of these things together, and you can pick up your own set at my store, here.
I hope that after students see that they can earn a pizza lunch with me, they will try harder. I already have 10 students who will be getting a punch for week 1 of March if they turn in their math assignment for tomorrow. I'll blog about how it goes in the beginning of April!

I'd like to give 2 copies of Homework Club away! So enter the Giveaway below! You have through Sunday to enter, and I will announce on Monday! :)


  1. I give behavior/homework points and the team with the highest amount on Friday or the team who reaches my set goal first, gets homework pass. It works! (for now).

  2. This year has been the biggest struggle with homework! My teaching partner and I started taking a homework grade. I'd love to try something new!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. Nice idea! In my classroom each of my students have a "check book" and I occasionally write them checks of varying amounts for homework. I also have a treasure chest that students can pick prizes from.

    I too have students who neverrr turn in their homework. I've started requiring each student to get their planner signed by a parent every night and I've noticed that helps them a little better.

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