Currently February! and a FREEBIE!

Is it seriously already February?! Holy moly!

Time to link up with Farley @ Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: This is one of my favorites from the RED album, and I loved her performance of it on the Grammy's last Sunday. I'm hoping it doesn't get overplayed! 
Loving: Since my wrestling cheerleaders and I couldn't go to the tournament Saturday due to weather, we made locker signs for districts. We took 4 hours, but they're super cute! :) I hope the boys like chevron, bows, and glitter!
Thinking: We're expecting 4-8 inches of snow Tuesday afternoon-Wednesday. Awesome. NOT! We have Iowa Assessments this week! :(
Wanting: Obviously. I'm over can leave now.
Needing: Because we're testing this week, I'm not doing a basal story or a spelling test. science and social studies are pretty much on hold. I have testing in the morning every day and testing all day Thursday. So my afternoon will be some fun math and reading things. I'm just going to be pulling a ton of TpT things I haven't had a chance to use and hopefully my kiddos will feel relaxed with no homework this week!
2 Truths and 1 Fib: I was born in Germany. My dad was in the Army for 23 1/2 years and we moved quite a bit before my parents divorced in 2nd grade. I lived in Germany (2 different cities), Kansas, Oklahoma, and 2 cities in Iowa by the time I was 7 years old! 
I have an older brother and 2 younger step sisters. My brother moved to Oklahoma to live with our dad when I was in 5th grade, so I don't get to see him very often, but he is the best brother a girl could ask for, and his beautiful wife is the big sister I always wanted!
I have a tattoo on my side. When I was a senior in high school, I got very sick and was hospitalized for 16 days, half of it being in intensive care. I have scars on both sides from chest tubes. The S is right below my scar on my left side, which was the lung that was completely filled with fluid.

I hope you have a wonderful week and February! If you're like me and testing this week, pick up this freebie for your door to keep away interruptions!


  1. Nice tattoo! I've never gotten the nerve for one---the hubs has 9 though so I figure he has enough for us both! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. Hi Lindsey,

    Love your blog. I, too, am ready for spring! I'm in New Mexico and we go from 20 degree weather to 60 degree weather. I guess the 60s are a bit like spring....I started following you on Bloglovin. Your lockers signs for the boys look fantastic. They reminded me of my cheerleader days in high school. We did the same thing. I was just thinking I needed an organizer like the one you have for the days of the week. I'm going to check out the labels on your TPT store.
    See you out in blogging land.

    Lunch, Snacks, and Recess

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