New Year's Resolution and Currently

I promised I would be back soon! I wanted to post really quick before I get to rollin' on school things, which I hope to have lots accomplished for Friday for Five for Friday! :)

First off, I wanted to share my resolutions with you! Thanks to Brandi at Peach for the Teach for this fun linky!

Personal: I used to love reading! Somewhere between graduating college, beginning my career as a teacher, and coaching, I've lost the motivation. I would love to not only read a book for me, but also a children's book, so I can be better at recommending good reads for my kiddos.

Professional: My district has a 2 year mentoring program and it requires a portfolio. How your portfolio is done is up to your building principal. I haven't received much guidance on it, so I haven't really done much with it. But I apply for my standard license in 1 year, so I need to get on it!

Classroom: I feel like I've let  my students down somewhat before break. I took the easy way out, and didn't do enough hands-on activities. When we get back, I really have to cram in a lot of stuff to prepare them for Iowa Assessments in February, but I want to make it meaningful.

Blog/TpT: I need to blog more, period. I also need to tackle the list of products to create for TpT. Hmph.

For Fun: Jason and I have been talking about taking a trip either this summer, or even for Christmas next year instead of buying gifts, but let's get real...I'll still buy him gifts! :)

Next up is Currently with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: I love this man. I've seen him in concert twice...awesome performer!

Loving: I just bought a new vacuum, Bissell CleanView Rewind Pet with One Pass Technology. Sounds really fancy, right? It is awesome! Only our the bedrooms have carpet, but we have a big floor rug in our living room and let's just say it really does the job!

Thinking: I was told the last day before break that I was getting a new student on Monday. I'm excited about it, because unlike all of my other new students, he will be coming in at the perfect time! I just hope I don't get any other new ones for awhile...or that I lose any! :( I hate seeing my kiddos go!

Wanting: So I'm currently (haha) in my classroom, and of course the heat isn't on. Brrrrr!

Needing: I came in to rearrange my room, library, and plan, but you see how that's going... Oopsies!

Memory: As you know (or may not if you're stoppin by the for the first time!), Jason and I bought our first house in July. So we had Christmas dinner at my house! We do several Christmases between the two families, but we had my mom, grandma, and his parents over for dinner. My mom made the ham, because I was too scared! HAHA! I did make macaroni corn casserole, loaded twice baked potato casserole, and mini raspberry cheesecakes. We also had broccoli salad and candied carrots. It was all very yummy. Afterwards, we had to test out Hedbanz that I bought for my kiddos. It was hilarious! Jason and his dad are very competitive and really got into it. If you follow me on Instagram (lindsey_nichole_j) you'll see a couple videos from it! :)

I hope you are having a great break and I wish you a wonderful 2014!


  1. LOVE your blog design background!!!! And I love Luke Bryan and am soooo jealous you've seen him in concert ;) Happy 2014!

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I also love Luke Bryan. I have only seen Brad Paisley in concert and that was awesome! I don't think I could get any work done in a cold classroom! Happy New Year!

  3. While getting a new student can be both exciting and hectic, you are right! This really is a perfect time! :)

    Teacher at Heart

  4. Hi, Lindsey! I'm also a new teacher (my fourth year), and I can hear a lot of my early thoughts in your post-- feeling like you let your students down by taking the easy way out with less hands-on, feeling lost with the portfolio, a little loss in motivation... All that is normal! It's survival mode, and without it, we'd all burn out. January is when you start to feel refreshed, have more energy, and start getting that drive back, and each year after that it gets easier! You'll slowly start having the time and energy to implement more and more fun stuff! They don't teach you that in college. My old mentor showed me this, and it's soooo true:

    Anywho, I absolutely love your blog! Your resolutions are great, and it sounds like your kiddos are super lucky to have you! Thanks so much for linking up with me for this linky. Happy New Year!



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