Five for Friday!

It's hard to believe that I'll be going back to school on Monday, well maybe. Forecast calls for dangerously low temps, and my district has already said they are discussing whether or not to cancel!

It's been awhile since I did a Five for Friday, and I kinda forgot to take some pictures at school yesterday, so some of these are going to be a bit older! OOPS!
I went to school Wednesday and Thursday and really did some work. I took down Christmas stuff, rearranged my room (including my desk), recycled and threw away things I did not need, reorganized bookshelves, and storage closets. I feel like I did zero work for next week! I will be back to school tomorrow and Sunday to really get plans together. I started planning from home last night and today, but really need to make copies and get myself a little more organized. 
Our house still has Christmas decorations up...oopsies! I guess I just don't want the festive feel to end! This is our tree with all the presents! :)
I know I talk about and post pictures of Maxwell a lot, but c'mon! This is just too cute! Max loves being held like a baby when he's tired...he was all tuckered out on Christmas Eve after playing with his best friend, Stanley, who is a Scottie!
Hope to make all the cheerleaders new silver bows this weekend. Christmas ribbon is the best!
I made some bookmarks for my kiddos to come back to! I hope they help them remember what readers and writers do! They're on sale at my store, but I'll give them away to the first 3 people who comment with their emails! Click the pictures to see them in my store!

I hope to be back Sunday to give you a Peek at my Week! :)

Stay warm and if you live somewhere where it is warm almost always...send some warmth to Iowa!


  1. Those books marks are soo cute. If I were not in kinder class this year, I'd leave my email! I still have my tree and holiday decorations up.My husband keeps asking me when I am taking the ornaments off the tree. I kept the snowmen out, but put away some Santas. I went to work for one day - Thursday. Then Friday there was no school b/c of the -15 degree temps!

  2. Love those bookmarks!

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