November Currently

I apologize for my absence. Last weekend, I got out of bed maybe twice. Awful, awful yuckiness. I even got a sub for Monday, because it was awful. I had no voice for 3 days, and ate my weight in soup. Luckily my boyfriend took great care of me. Unfortunately, it has not gone away completely...ugh!

Tuesday was our 2nd and final night of conferences. I'm currently in the process of rescheduling 8 conferences because of no shows. Awesome.

Then of course Thursday was a crazy day due to Halloween, but my costume was AWESOME!

I made little mummy goodie bags for my kiddos!

I know most of you had to teach yesterday, and I hope you didn't lose your mind. I had a PD day. So much better than trying to teach sugar coma kiddos!

This weekend I hope to get lots done for cheerleading {practice starts Monday}, get some new TpT items up, and reorganize the disaster that is my classroom right now.

Now, time for Currently with Farley!
Listening: My boyfriend has me addicted! He's been trying for awhile to get me started on it...and it finally happened. I'm in the 2nd season.
Loving: Halloween is over and Thanksgiving will be here soon, then Christmas! I'm excited to decorate my house! :)
Thinking: Ugh, being sick makes it very difficult to find motivation!
Wanting: I don't need a break, I just need a lot of time to get things done. 
Needing: But I do need a break, too! Ha!
A Yummy Pin: I'm thinking about making this for our family Thanksgiving!
Cheesy Loaded Twice Baked Potato Casserole

Happy November!


  1. Found you via the linky - I LOVE your Halloween costume! And what a great idea to have a PD day the day after Halloween...wish all schools would do that! Hope you continue to feel better.


  2. I love how cute your blog is and found you through Currently! I'm also a beginning teacher! Sickness is crummy :( that pin does look great...reading all these Currentlys has made me hungry!


  3. That looks like a delish Thanksgiving dish!! I hope you start feeling better ASAP!!!!

    Teaching with Hope 


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