Weekend Bliss

I'm literally typing this post from the car as my boyfriend drives us back to Iowa. I drove the whole way up, so it is only fair, right? :)

If you saw my posts earlier this week, you know that this weekend was all about me! :D
Every weekend since school has started, I've been doing lesson plans and just lounging around trying to revamp for the week. This weekend my boyfriend and I drove the 4 1/2 hours to Milwaukee, WI so I could see my favorite band, Hanson! :)

Last summer, Jason took me to Des Moines to see Hanson, but it just wasn't up to my standards. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but it was a music festival, so they played a short set, and I was the farthest back I've ever been at a Hanson concert. It just wasn't the same as screaming and dancing with my fellow Fansons in an intimate venue like House of Blues: Chicago. Jason knew I was rather disappointed, so he promised to take me to another concert when they went on tour again. This past spring, they announced their Anthem World Tour and I was PUMPED! Of course, HOB dates were on a Sunday and Monday in October. Chicago is also a 4 1/2 hour car ride, so those dates would not work with school. I always wanted to go to a show in Milwaukee to hear the infamous Man from Milwaukee from their 1st album, Middle of Nowhere, and I was not let down, because that was the finale last night! :)

I could go on and on about how much I love Hanson and why. Of course my love started in 1997 with the release of Middle of Nowhere. As the 90s continued, I stayed with Hanson, but also found love with a band called Nsync, and Hanson started to leave my radar. In 2004, they released their 1st independent record on their own label called Underneath, and my love was resparked. However, I still didn't attempt to go see them live. (stupid me) In 2007, they released their 4th album and I finally saw them for the first time in March of 2008.

Hanson has grown up to be amazing human beings. They do so much charitable work and actually started my obsession with TOMS Shoes in 2008. On most tours since 2007, they have done 1 mile barefoot walks near the venue to raise awareness for 3rd world countries. They donate a dollar to a cause of your choice (medicine, education, water, or shoes) for each person who walks.  In 2008, I participated in my 1st of 4 walks, where I talked to all 3 of them, took a picture with Isaac, and Taylor signed one of my TOMS. As I had real conversations with all 3 of them about their music and how they had grown as artists, I was amazed. They are such down to earth, genuinely nice people.

Okay, I really need to stop talking because you probably could care less! HA! Well, here are some pictures from my  phone! I was disappointed that Taylor was not at the walk, because he's my favorite, but he was in Colorado the night before at a beer festival promoting their new beer to celebrate their 21st anniversary as a band. He must have needed to take a nap or something!

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Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday!


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