Manic Monday!

Ughhhh! It was definitely a MANIC Monday! I did have one person link up last week and I was SO pumped! Thanks Brittany! :)

First off, you know that I went out of town this weekend. This was the first weekend since the school year started that I have NOT gone into school. I did like nothing for school this weekend, and although it was a great break, I sure did suffer today!

I can't even say my kiddos were that crazy, I just felt crazy all day long.

My special is at 9 AM on Mondays (school starts at 8:30), so I get nada done in that first half hour. Then during my planing while the kids were in special I had a meeting that took the whole 30 minutes. 

Our schedule is messed up on Mondays, so I don't have kids going to title or their SPED teacher, so I had all of them for an hour for Daily 5. Which was great, because I had a chance to meet with each group on their Halloween Reader's Theater scripts I got here! The kids loooove them, and we plan on performing them for our Kinder book buddies on Halloween! SO MUCH FUN!

Anyhoo.... when it came lunch time, I grabbed my lunch from the lounge and headed back upstairs so I could make phone calls! Hmph! I had to call the hotel we stayed at over the weekend because they charged me TWICE for damage hold. So they took $100 from me, even though the hotel was already paid for...and I won't get it back for 3-5 days. Uhm, I have to go to the store sometime, helloooo! I don't get paid until next Friday and I had all sorts of extra bills this month and the checking account is dwindling, fast! I have yet to get a credit card, so it's not like I can charge some groceries or anything.

I also had to call the bank, because my debit card is kaput! The magnetic strip is no longer all! I use my card for EVERYTHING! I stay so late at school that I haven't even gone to the bank to grab some cash! And I swear cashiers don't know how to manually enter a card number correctly. I've had MULTIPLE problems this past few days. I just give up. The boyfriend will have to buy everything until I get my new card. :) 

The afternoon goes pretty quick in my room. We took the STAR Reading test today...saw an overall increase, so that's a plus. I'm anxious to see how Math goes tomorrow. Do you use STAR Enterprise?

Then I read aloud, then we do math (always goes fast). Then I have recess duty and after that the kids have library skills. DAY OVER!

So, I wanted to try not to spend toooooo much time at school this evening because my boyfriend actually has tonight off, so I wanted to spend time with him. I get a text at 4:35 asking if I'm coming to the reading association meeting at the library happening NOW! AHHHHH! I totally had it written down for Thursday, but forgot we changed it, and of course, was not prepared to leave school, but I did in a jiffy. I'm president-elect for our local reading council, so I basically felt obligated to show up. I had to go to the library anyways to drop off some books and get a few for my kiddos. The presentation was over lots of new literature, which is always fun!

So, after that 2 hour meeting... I went back to school, finished laminating spelling lists for the week and left. Which means I have to go in at 6 AM tomorrow to feel even remotely organized for the day (and the week)! UGHHH!

On the plus side...I'm going to eat dinner with Jason and watch The Voice tonight and try to relax.

Not only was it crazy at school, but it was also crazy because I found out that apparently one of my freshman cheerleaders moved districts. I have also discovered another cheerleader on a different squad has to sit out 50% of this season, and I have to have tryouts for that squad because I'm down to 3. Also, need to figure out something with another squad, because I found out a few weeks ago, a girl moved to California. I have my parent next Monday...practice starts the first Monday in November. It's coming so fast and I'm like nowhere close to being prepared.

If I don't blog very much from November-February, it is because I will be at school until 4, and at cheerleading practice or a game until 9 EVERY night. Seriously...why do I always think I can put 58,731,039 things on my plate?

Is it Thanksgiving yet?!?!?!

Well, I hope your Monday wasn't too manic...but if it was (or wasn't) I'd love for you to link up! Feel free to link up later on in the week, too! I know you all don't link up for Currently on the first of the month, or always get to Five for Fridays ON Fridays! :)

P.S. If you're interested, my TpT store is 20% off through tomorrow! :)


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