Manic Monday: New Linky!

So, I'm going out on a limb here... I'm going to attempt a new weekly linky! :) WHAT?! That's right, friends, I give you...

Catchy, huh? Basically, this linky is just for you to talk about your Monday troubles and triumphs! 

We had a fire drill this morning,  since it's Fire Prevention Week. My kiddos did AWESOME! I was uber proud of them. They're really chatty, so to get them to be quiet {level 1 using PBIS} can be a huge challenge.

We launched the final 2 parts of Daily 5 today: Listen to Reading and Read to Someone. I waited so long to launch these two, because of my chatty Cathys. I just really wanted them to focus on the basics of Daily 5, before I launched into the 2 parts that I believe takes a lot of self discipline. I also feel that since my district is fairly new to Daily 5, my kiddos haven't had a TON of experience with it. So for Listen to Reading (at the moment), we will be using Tumble Books, Book Flix, and Playways.
Have you ever seen a playaway?! These things are so cool! Basically a pre-loaded MP3 player with audios of books. My AEA has a bunch to check out, and I have received 2 already, and will be getting 2 more tomorrow! LOVE THEM! The kiddos did, too. They did a great job with Listen to Reading and Reading to Someone. IF ONLY I HAD RECORDED SOME OF THEIR CONVERSATIONS! I had struggling readers reading with fluent readers (not intentional, they picked their own) and it was just MAGICAL! :)

I also finally got our school maps hung up. The kiddos and I spent the last 3ish weeks or so looking at maps using Google Earth and atlases. As a final project, we created maps of our school grounds from a bird's eye view. The kiddos LOVED it and they turned out quite well I think. Here's some pictures!
Stay tuned for a blog post tomorrow about how I'm going to teach Social Studies this year. I'm not sure how it is going to work quite yet, but I have an idea! :)

I'd love it if you'd link up with Manic Monday! Just copy and paste the image at the top and pretty please link it back to this post! :) If I see a lot of people link up, I will consider paying for thumbnails, until then, text linking up only! Sorry friends! 

Hope your Monday wasn't too manic!


  1. Next week there will be tons of people linked up! What a great idea!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Ooooh I think I am just going to HAVE to link up for this on Monday!


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