Five for Friday!

Oh my gosh, the week just flies by! I feel like I just did a Five for Friday post!

I picked up my Halloween costume on Monday! Do you know who I'm dressing up as?
The kiddos just DIED of laughter from this book! One of the best renditions of the three little pigs!

I used 2 of my 6 graphic organizers for some review with our basal this story this week. Man! I'm going to have to use these bad boys every week because it really did help them with the story! I didn't realize how beneficial they would be! :)
You can check out the set here!
We did some partner work in math today. A few pictures below...seriously love these kids and I am SO proud of how well they worked with their partner and the learning/teaching that was going on!

My boyfriend texted me tonight while he was at work at Kohl's to let me know Curious George books were $2.50. They're the summer Kohl's Cares books, so they are now half off...but still go to a good cause! :)

I cannot wait for this weekend!

I'm off to Milwaukee tomorrow with my boyfriend to see these three spiffy men! :-) HANSON! 

Be looking for Monday's post to link up for Manic Monday! I'm sure Monday will be more manic than usual because I'm going to be out of town for most of the weekend!

Have a great weekend!


  1. where did you get The Three Ninja Pigs?! We studied comparing/contrasting AND fairy tales this week (how perfect), but I didn't get a whole lot of time to do extra activities since it was also Writing Assessment one day and that took all of our small group time out AND I took a half day Monday so that was out too. We take every sixth week off of our LA curriculum and do extra activities that go along with what we've learned the past 5 weeks and I would LOVE to do more with comparing/contrasting Fairy Tales because there are so many!! I have a feeling my kiddos would go crazy for that book since they are always trying to be "ninjas" and "secret agents" who leave me secret notes without me seeing who it was!

    1. I ordered it from Scholastic's book order last month... I'm sure they still have it!

  2. HANSON! I LOVE HANSON! I hope you have a blast!!!!


  3. I'm a beginning teacher too! This is my second year teaching. Just followed your blog- can't wait to read more of your posts!

    First Grade Teacher Firsts


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