Five for Friday!

It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday! YAHOO! It's that time again...Five for Friday!
The kiddos really look forward to 5 minutes before lunch when they get to ask questions. For the details on this, you can read about it on this post.
I LOVE SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS! :) They make the kiddos and I super happy!
Seriously...please tell me my Maxwell isn't adorable? Some people post about their children, my dogs ARE my children. I have a little sign that says "my kids have paws".
And my baby, Riley! Who is at my mom's house, because they just got so attached when I was in college! I couldn't split them up when I bought my house this summer. My baby is in good hands, but I miss him so much!
How I'm using my chalkboard from Lori @ Keeper of the Light from the August SLANT box.
My boyfriend's mom called me tonight to let me know she and her sister were going to stop by and they had my CHALKBOARDS! YAYYY!!!!!
30 of the most beautiful chalkboards I have ever seen! :-)
They look like this when you unroll them. It's chalkboard FABRIC! Awesome, I know! She sewed all of these for my classroom! Thanks Aunt Rosie! I cannot wait to use these with my kiddos next week! They're gonna LOVE it! Chalk is a lot cheaper than {good}dry erase markers! Plus, kiddos love new things! Unfortunately, I have to "prime" them before I use them. You have to take chalk and rub it on its side all across and up and down the board, wipe with cloth, and repeat a 2nd time. If you don't do this, the chalk will not come off when you start to use it for writing! Funny how things come back, huh? I remember when schools started to get dry erase boards and it was just the COOLEST thing ever. Recently, chalkboards have made a comeback!

All for now...I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


  1. I am so lovin' the chalkboards. Where did you find chalkboard fabric?? Can you say future summer project!!! I like the fact that they roll up too! Great idea. Let me know where you find the chalkboard fabric!! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Jamie, I don't know where you find chalkboard fabric. My boyfriend's aunt is a big crafter, and showed these to me about a year ago. My boyfriend then asked her to make me 30 for my classroom and presto!


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