Just Another Manic Monday...

Wish it was Sunday, cause that's my fun day!

Hmm, let's flashback to Sunday...where I spent 6 hours at school! Sooo, maybe Sunday isn't my fun day, but it's definitely my get-stuff-done day! :) Monday was indeed manic! I was at school from 6:30 AM to 7:45 PM! Holy cow!

So let's see what I did yesterday...
My Back to School board went from this....
To this...
 For a few reasons...1) My roster has changed 5 times since the first day of school, so my iPod just wasn't up to date! 2) My kiddos are always giving me awesome artwork, so I really wanted to get some displayed! When they walked in this morning, they were so excited to see what I had done. I will change this out regularly. I tried not to put multiples from the same student, just so every one gets a chance. 
 Love my READ carved pumpkins sign that I got for $2! WOOP!

I'm also going to do something AWESOME to the front of my door, but you have to wait to find out! :)
I also have this posted by my library. Click the picture to get your freebie! :)
Since tomorrow is October 1st (WHAAT?!) I'm going to start doing something FUN in my room.

Each school day from tomorrow until October 30th (22 days), I'm going to have 2 students each day ask yes or no questions to figure out what my Halloween costume is! Ex: Are you an animal? No. I will record all of the questions, and the answers, so even kiddos who are absent can keep track. On October 30th, I will have students write on a piece of paper what they think I'm going to be and if they are right, they will get a SPECIAL treat from me on Halloween! (I haven't figured the treat out yet...)

Maybe you have some ideas? I'm going to be... Ms. Frizzle! :) I have a friend who is an awesome seamstress and she is putting the final touches on my dress! :D I'M SO EXCITED!

Well, leave your ideas below and share what you're going to be for Halloween! :)


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