New Look, New Product

Happy Weekend!

As you can see, my blog look has changed! I really love the new look I created, but don't be surprised if it changes again!

I haven't finished my DIY products I wanted to share with you, yet. However, I did create a new product for TpT that I just love!

Most of you have probably seen the How Do You Get Home? on Pinterest. I created my own that matches my black, gray, and white chevron pattern! I used super cute graphics from MyCuteGraphics!

Click the picture to purchase it for just $1 from my store!
I was going to print out my magnets yesterday and show them to you, but I realized I don't have my extension number yet, so that will have to wait, too! However, I have done a couple new styles, and I can't decided which I like best! What are your thougths?! Please comment to tell me which you like best!

Option 1: My original design
Option 2

Option 3: Black, Gray, and White Chevron pattern to match many things in my room!
Let me know your thoughts!

I was going to get into my room for the first time on Monday, but I just got a letter in the mail stating my local AEA is having an Elementary Bootcamp class Monday and Tuesday and I decided I should take advantage of it, since this is my 1st year in elementary and 1st full year of teaching. So, I'm going to try to get in there after class on Monday, but may not be able to because I don't have my room key! I may have to wait until Wednesday! :(

I'm just super duper eager to get in there! Have you started working on your classroom? Do you feel extremely overwhelmed with all of the space? I feel like it will be a big change for me going from a STORAGE CLOSET to an actual full size classroom! I can't wait!

Until tomorrow,

P.S. I created my own signature, too! I'm just loving GIMP Shop! :)


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