My FIRST first day of school!

If you have been following my blog or have read the "meet the teacher" page, you know that I graduated in December and got hired as a middle school reading teacher in January. So, today was my FIRST first day of school. I am worn out! It was a great day though and I have a great class of 24 third graders! 

Selfie, first day picture!

This was given to me by a sweet little student. She knitted it all by herself! :) It made my day!
I hope I can be this teacher for my students!

About half of my kiddos remembered their lunch numbers, but most forgot. I also had several that were new to the district, so I had to tell each student their number when they went through the lunch line. So tomorrow, everyone is getting a lunch number BRACELET! :) Clever, right!? I plan on doing the bracelets all week to help kiddos memorize them!

I never showed you my finished calendar! Thanks Leigh Anne at Simply Swarbrick for the idea to add the days and months!
I hit up Staples after school today and got 2 1" binders, 12 pocket tissue packs, a pack of 28 Cadoodle pencils, 6 composition notebooks, a U.S. foam puzzle, and 3 black Pilot FriXion erarseable pens for....$1.22! YES! THAT'S RIGHT! I used my B2S coupon and my Rewards coupons. You can't beat that!

Also, THESE PENS ARE AWESOME!!! Get them now if you haven't already!

Seriously, they are so cool! I love love love them!

How was your first day of the 2013-14 school year?!

Until tomorrow,


  1. Your calendar area looks great, thanks for the shout out! Hope you have a great first week!!


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