Five for Friday on Saturday!

Whew! This week has been crazy! I had a couple meetings on Wednesday, 2 more on Thursday, and I had to help take football cheerleaders to an away game yesterday, so no time for blogging!
Posted my wooden READ letters with poster putty and they keep falling down or sliding down slowly. Any ideas?
My newsletter from this week! The students had 2 minutes to write their name and draw a picture of their face on a mini post-it. I arranged them on a paper and scanned it to my email and adjusted from there. My class is full of little artists! They loved finding themselves on the newsletter Friday!
Doing some group work with MAB blocks to get a better understanding of place value.
Videos are okay, right? Maxwell's latest trick! :)
If you've followed me from the beginning, you know I coach high school winter cheerleading. I helped drive the Varsity football cheerleaders to their game last night. I miss being on those sidelines and Friday Night Lights more than anything! You can expect a lot more cheer pictures starting in November when my season starts! :)

My goals this long weekend are to create some TpT products, including number words for my word wall, finish cheerleading bows and locker signs, and RELAX!

P.S. I have started my first Donors Choose project here! If you would like to donate to my project, please use promo code INSPIRE to get your donation matched by the board of directors! I'm almost to the halfway point in less than a week! It is so amazing the kindness people have in their hearts! Have you used Donors Choose? What projects did you get funded?!


  1. Sticky Clips work really well, I'm not sure how think your letters are though. Hot glue is also great, those are they only two products I have found keep my posters up all year.

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  2. I should have mentioned they're wooden letters! :

  3. Yay!! Bring on the cheerleading picture! I, too, was a cheerleader for a big chunk of my life. I miss those days as well. I want to coach eventually.

  4. LOVE your newsletter!! How special to have each kiddo represented. I bet they love that. And woohoo for Donor's Choose!

  5. Unless they are really heavy, I would so try hot glue. About everything I have posted in the library is up with the stuff.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  6. What's the bookshelf made of? It looks metal. If so, slap some magnets on them, depending on how heave they are of course. I have a magnetic cabinet and it holds my lunch count and where are you stuff.


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