Five for Friday! Linky Party!

FRIDAY!!! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the first time for Five for Friday!

1. Giveaway Products
Wowzer! I'm still amazed at how many of you entered the giveaway. I've been having so much fun creating the prizes! I still have one person, yet to claim their prize! The first winner forfeited their prize, so I'm looking for Stephanie Baker to e-mail me {} to claim her prize. Here's a little peak at what I've been working on!

2. I took my baby, Maxwell, to get his haircut yesterday. My boyfriend wanted a mohawk.
I might be a little biased, but talk about a cute puppy!

3. I got my BirchBox today. I looooove these! They just make my day! I recently signed my dog up for a BarkBox! I hope to get his next week!
4. My boyfriend and I are preparing for our house warming party next Saturday. We went through lots of pictures this week for a big picture display! Here's a picture of us in front of our FIRST home!
5. I absolutely LOVED how much you all liked my name printable I showed you yesterday. So, let's do another 10 customized printables! The first 10 people to comment on this post will get a customized print like this!
I just need the following information:
Chevron Color:
Initial Color:
Name Color:
E-mail address so I can send you the PDF of your printable:

Have a great weekend everyone and stay tuned for pictures of my classroom!
Until tomorrow,


  1. Your house looks great from the little that we see! Are some of those my labels up there? LOVE them!!!

    1. Thanks Abbey! I'll have to post more pictures next week! You'd be right about those labels! :D You gotta check out BirchBox, it's like a mini Christmas for me every month! :) So much fun!

  2. Please do tell what birchbox is! Never heard of it...heading there now!

  3. Hi Lindsey! Thank you so much for nominating our little blog. I came by to say thanks and you are having a give-away. You are awesome! If I qualify, I would like bright or hot pink chevron, initial L, initial color black, name Ms. Lewis in black.
    Congrats on your house! And thank you so again=)
    TGIF- Third Grade Is Fun

    1. Hee, hee! My email is
      Thanks again! You da' bomb=)

  4. Love your things!
    I would like the name sign, very neat!
    Red Chevron, with a Black S and Miss Smith in black.


  5. How adorable is your blog??? And, that sign too! I would love to have one made for a friend...
    Chevron Color:Yellow
    Initial: Z
    Initial Color: Black
    Name:Miss Zappe
    Name Color:Black
    E-mail address:

    FYI, I would LOVE to feature your blog in one of my Someone New Sunday shout outs! :) Let me know if you are interested.
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Yay! So glad you don't have all 10 yet!

    Chevron Color:Yellow
    Initial: C
    Initial Color: Turquoise
    Name:Mrs. Contreras
    Name Color:Blue
    E-mail address:
    Thanks again for your sweet comments on my newbie blog :)

    Sandy @
    Elementary Expedition

  8. Thanks so much for the print you sent me yesterday! Love it...and I love the photo of your dog, too. So cute! ~Deb
    Crafting Connections

  9. Ok I'm not sure if I count since it says there are 11 comments but I thought I would try!

    Chevron Color:plum/dark purple
    Initial: S
    Initial Color:fuchsia/hot pink
    Name: Mrs. Schmerge
    Name Color:teal
    E-mail address:

    They are super cute... and I love the doggy mohawk! :)


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