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On Monday and Tuesday I attended a class called "Elementary Bootcamp"; wow did I learn a lot. It was designed for new elementary teachers. The first day's material was pretty familiar to me. We talked about the core and different assessments our district used. We also got information on Jolly Phonics, which I experienced in my 1st grade student teaching class. Yesterday was all about Daily 5. I felt that I had a good handle on Daily 5 prior to the class, but boy oh boy did I learn so much! Just collaborating and talking with teachers about their ideas was great! It makes me so excited for this school year!

I attended the Iowa Reading Conference earlier this summer and just had to share this picture with you...
I met the sisters! :) Wonderful women!
The main presenter  for our Daily 5 presentation is a 5th grade teacher in my district. She used to be a reading coach. She attended a conference where she learned something I found very insightful. How many of you, as adults, go home and go to a desk to work on school stuff, read, study for classes, etc?! MOST OF YOU DON'T! You may go home and sit on the couch with a blanket, or spread stuff out around you on the floor. So why do we have students do things in their desks? Shouldn't we provide different seating for those, the majority, who complete tasks better when they have many choices, many being comfy?! DUH! This 5th grade teacher has 5 desks in her room. That's it, 5. The rest of her seating consists of a couch, directors chairs, rocking chair, tables with legs cut off, desks really low to the ground, pillows, etc. I'm putting it on my list to go see her classroom this school year. She had kiddos laying on their bellies taking spelling tests!

So what kinds of fun seating do you have in your room?!

Speaking of rooms... here's a couple "before pictures" of my NEW room!

I'm heading over to school in a few to tackle it! :)

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  1. What an insightful question posed by the presenter about seating! Definitely food for thought... ~Deb
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  2. So jealous you got to meet the sisters! I love giving my kiddos choices. I've got several small tables where kids can work + comfy reading and writing spots. They love it!

  3. Wow! So much to think about. I wonder how math and science are taught in her room. Would you consider posting pics if you get to see her room and she is okay with it? I am on my 19th year of teaching and I still learn something new everyday =) Thanks for sharing. And you got to meet the Sisters. Oh my! So lucky!
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    1. Lisa,
      The 5th grade team at her school actually is departmentalized, so she only teaches Reading and L.A., so I am also curious how that setup would work in a classroom where the teacher teaches all subjects. She did mention they have done several art projects where they would just sit in a giant circle with the supplies in the middle! Crazy! I would love to share pictures with everyone when I visit her room. Hopefully in September! Yes, meeting the sisters was SO exciting and their insights are just wonderful!


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