Classroom Sneak Peek

Hiya! Whew, what a day! I started out my morning by finishing up some things to take to my room, but we'll get to that...

I got my hair done! I wanted some strawberry blonde highlights! It's not too drastic, but enough of a change. The lighting isn't the best, sorry about that!  :) Let me know what you think!

I then went to my classroom and did some work. I'm nowhere near done, but wanted to give you some peeks at it! :)

I am SUPER proud of this pennant I created. HOW CUTE IS THAT?! :)
Click to get your own pennant! Product details has links to Pre-K-5th Grade pennants!
I'm lucky enough to have a magnetic door, so voila! :)
 Back to School Bulletin! Except, it's not on a bulletin board, because I only have one! :( I still have to add the head phones!
Future calendar space. Pretty! This is my only bulletin board!
Future CAFE bulletin, again NOT on a bulletin board! 
Word Wall
Still need to do my clothes pins! I know I bought some, but I can't seem to find them! HMPH! Also, I really need to focus the iPhone while taking a picture. Ooopsies!

Hopefully I will have a full classroom reveal ready for early next week. I see a lot of bloggers doing their reveals and it makes me so antsy to get mine finished!

Until tomorrow,


I only got 4 hits on yesterday's post for custom prints, so if you would like one just leave the following info in a comment!

Chevron Color:
Initial Color:
Name Color:
E-mail address so I can send you the PDF of your printable:


  1. I'd love a sign for my classroom!

    Chevron Color: yellow
    Initial: B
    Initial Color: black or grey (whatever you think looks best!)
    Name: Mrs. Bean
    Name Color: black or grey (whatever you think looks best!)
    E-mail address so I can send you the PDF of your printable:

  2. You are so creative! I'd love a sign! Where do you find the time? :)
    Chevron Color: grey
    Initial: C
    Initial Color: Teal
    Name: Mrs. Coan
    Name Color: Purple
    E-mail address so I can send you the PDF of your printable:

  3. I LOVE your "where are you going" set up on your door! And a magnetic door! How awesome is that! I almost bought that same calendar. It fits with your blog layout nicely. :) I decided on a different calendar because I really wanted the holiday cards that came with the "drawn by kids" one at Lakeshore. I may switch it up next year. I haven't gotten in my class yet and I really hope that I have more than one bulletin board. My principal said that we're not allowed to put anything on the walls because they don't want the paint to peel off. What?! So bummed.
    The Adventures of a New Third Grade Teacher

    1. Thanks Jen! I love my magnetic door! So convenient! I got a few of the B&W set from a teacher store...and I tried to replicate one of the designs for my blog background! Hehe! :) What if you used painters tape? I'm not sure how well it sticks, but the high school painted the lockers last summer so we (cheerleading coaches) had to hang locker signs with painters tape and it worked great! :) You should bring that up to your principal!


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