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Good evening!

This past weekend I was in Des Moines and I took the opportunity to stop by The Learning Post. I could spend all day in there...and all of my money, too! I was on a mission for a monthly calendar for my room. I found a display of a black, gray, and white chevron themed one that matched some library pockets, classroom job cards, and bulletin board trimmer that were already in my hand! SO cute! It had pops of color on the background of the calendar days and the font for the months. So, I went over to the calendar sets, but I couldn't find it..not even the place it was supposed to be if they were out. I asked an employee, and he brought me the sad news that they were out and expecting more in. He said he might have a blank calendar in the theme. He brought me back one and said he checked for the month cards, but they were out of those, too. So, I decided I'd attempt making my own cards to go with my calendar.

So I started working in GIMP {similar to Photoshop, but FREE} to create a background. I just downloaded GIMP Sunday night and I'm already in love with it! I've been working on some TpT products and I'm really excited about my progress! Anyways, I used the bulletin board trimmer I got as my "model".

After quite some time, I finally got my end product...
Click the picture to grab them for free from my TpT store!
If you haven't already, go swing by my store to check out my freebies!
If you read my last post, you know that I'm going to start making products! Follow my store so you know when I add new things!

What would you pay money for and what would you really love to see as a freebie?!

What things have you purchased from TpT?

Here are some things I got at The Learning Post: blank calendar, calendar days, library pockets, classroom job cards, stickers, pumpkin trimmer, snowflake trimmer, colored striped trimmer, and a FREE poster, which I have yet to determine what I'm going to do with.

Until tomorrow,



  1. Hi fellow IA blogger! I love your black and white cards! I am doing a black and white theme this year with pops of colors!

  2. Thanks Abbey! I hope you can use some of my freebies on TpT! Where in Iowa do you teach?


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