The Daily 5: Listening to Reading

Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to focus on Daily 5, specifically Listening to Reading.

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to attend the Iowa Reading Association's annual conference where "The Sisters" were keynote speakers. I was so inspired by listening to them sharing their ideas and how they've changed Daily 5 and Cafe since they started it.

I've had some experience with Daily 5. I got to see how to launch it in a 1st grade classroom in student teaching. In my 5th grade placement, I got to launch it myself. This was really stressful, but very rewarding as well.

All summer I've been collecting things for Daily 5. I feel pretty prepared with all of my ideas for everything BUT Listening to Reading. Since this will be my first year teaching elementary, and I have yet to see my classroom, I don't know what kinds of materials will be left for me. I've seen a lot of teachers use portable CD players and use the Basal books on CD for their listening centers, but I don't even know if I will have any CDs.

So I'm asking all of you out there what you are planning to use for your Listening Centers?



  1. Hey! So for listening I let my students use true flixs online. Also if you go to the burlington public library website they have tons and I mean tons of books online. There are picture books and chapters books as well! I also let my kids bring in their ipods or kindles to read books they have downloaded.

  2. For my listen to reading station, I plan on using my ipads and a CD player. I will have four ipads in my room so I was thinking about having the 5th graders record a book on a QR code. Then my students could be able to scan and follow along in the books while listening. I saw that idea done and thought it was amazing.
    Amy H

  3. Thanks for the ideas girls. I've thought of both, but I just simply don't know how many computers I will have in my room, or if I will have access to laptops. I'm almost positive I won't have access to iPads. Our district is in the beginning stages of a 1:1 initiative, but I don't know how long it will be til I have them for my students. I saw on Pinterest where a teacher recorded books using Voice Memos on her iPad and then put the .mp3 files on inexpensive mp3 players for students to listen to. She labeled the hard copy of books from her classroom library she had recorded, so students knew which ones were available and what number they were.


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