Teachers Pay Teachers

Hope you had a terrific Monday!

Awhile back, I started a Teachers Pay Teachers store, because I created something for student teaching that I couldn't find anywhere. However, I quickly learned that my products were not that great, so I kind of gave up on it. Then, when I started blogging, I thought, I should look into looking at making products again. I found a great seller on TpT, Teacher Tam (click to check out her store), who not only has great products, but also 5 Video Tutorials to start teachers on the site!

So, I give you one of my first, nice looking {in my opinion} products!

Click the picture to download it from my store...for FREE!

I hope to post a lot of products this week...what would you like to see in my store?!

Do you have a Tpt store? Are you thinking about it?!



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