Back to School Goals: Linky

Hi everyone!

I really need to get back to blogging earlier in the day! It is almost August, so I thought I'd link up {for the first time ever} with I {Heart} Recess for her Back to School Goals!

Personal: I'd really like to get a workout routine going. My cheer season doesn't start until November and I really want to be in shape when it comes around so I can do some conditioning with my cheerleaders!

Organization: As a beginning teacher, and first year in elementary, I really want to get my classroom library organized. I have finished writing out all of my labels; now I just have to stick 'em to the books! I hope to have this done next week when I go see my new room for the first time!

Planning: When I taught middle school, I had several planned absences {state wrestling, school wide BRI testing, brother's wedding}, but it was pretty easy to have sub plans, because I did the same thing for 6 periods. Elementary is just a tad different, so I really want to plan my lessons well, so a sub can teach them with ease! Anyone have great ideas for sub plans?! PLEASE SHARE!

Professional: I'm not sure if this is personal or professional...hmm, but I want to create more TpT products and not just freebies! Although, everyone loves freebies; I want to make a little bit of money, too!

Students: Coming from a reading position, where the majority of my students hated reading, I really want my kiddos this year to have a passion for it. Third grade is the year they transition from learning to read to reading to learn and I really want them to find great books that they get lost in!

Motto: I have a huge passion for learning and hope to instill that passion and excitement in my students. I love when my students get excited about learning...doesn't every teacher?!

I hope to post some DIY items tomorrow, including my Open House magnets!!

until tomorrow,


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