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I'm still learning to be okay with being an okay teacher.

One year ago, I finally published a blog post that had been written in my mind for months. It was a way for myself to admit that I had anxiety, and that was okay. I never imagined the response I would receive from friends, family, and strangers that feel like friends on the internet. The emails, the DMs, the comments, they assured me I wasn't alone.  A year later, here we are... I rarely go a week without someone new finding that blog post and sending me a DM on Instagram, or shooting me an email. Please know that I have read every single one of them. I have tried to respond to them all, but I'm sure there are some that I have missed. I'd like to reflect on a couple things I have learned the last year. Bare with me, as I may start to ramble. Shortly after I published the blog post, I saw this video on Facebook. I cried. I then ordered the book Depression and Other Magic Tricks by Sabrina Benaim . I've learned, through therapy, some of my trigg

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